Customer Resources

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We hope these resources will be helpful for you during and after your landscape is installed

Bulk Products and Pricing Per Yard

Colored Enhanced Bark Mulch

Colors: Brown and Black – $28.95/yd

Premium Mulch

Premium Hardwood Natural Bark Mulch – $23.95/yd
Cedar Natural Bark Mulch – $30.95/yd

Topsoil, Compost & Play Sand

Topsoil (Screened) – $21.95/yd
Compost – $29.95/yd
Play Sand – $25.95/yd

Stones & Chips

1” Crushed River Rock Stone – $44.95/yd
1”-2” Round River Rock Stone – $39.95/yd
Grey Slate Scape – $174.95/yd
Chips & Dust – Ideal for under patio stones or driveways – $44.95/yd

Landscape Care Instructions

Patios, walls and hardscapes

Most popular products!

Ongoing Lawn care

DeHamer Brothers does not currently offer ongoing lawn care and maintenance, but we recommend:

  • denHollander Lawncare – – (616) 890-0557
  • Priest Enterprises – (616) 662-1683

Small Projects and upkeep

Often times our schedule does not allow us to complete small projects like spreading bark each year or planting a new tree. In those cases we recommend the following partners: Priest Enterprises – (616) 662-1683