Hydroseed or Sod?

Hydroseed is the technique of spraying a slurry of seeds, tackifier, mulch and fertilizer on bare ground to hold soil in place while awaiting germination of grass. Hydroseed is the most economical choice for growing results over traditional hand seeding or sod. The major benefits of hydroseed are:

  • It requires less installation and material than sod, giving you a healthy lawn for a fraction of the cost.
  • It is much healthier, greener, and lasts longer because the root system is grown deep in the soil. Sod has to be transplanted and can experience shock in new soil.
  • It provides a uniform, thick lawn that doesn’t have the threat of seams showing or patchiness. It also gives you the control to cover difficult, inaccessible areas like slopes that are impossible to sod.
  • It is the only method of turf establishment that retains the most moisture and protects from animals and weather.

The primary drawbacks of hydroseed are the time it takes to develop a lush lawn (generally 12-18 months) and its initial susceptibility to extreme weather like rain (wash out) or heat.


We talked about some of the drawback to sod above, which is generally about 4x more expensive than hydroseed. Sod can be a good option though and we use the sod from the local sod farms that is cut the day or the night before installation dependent on temperature and weather.  This timing assures you a fresh healthy, beautiful lawn right from the start.

That depends on a number of factors, but here are some basics:  Colored bark is $28.95 per yard. Other products & pricing can be found here.  On average the cost of delivery is $45, and for basic installation it is $45/yd.  Factors such as exact location, amount of bark and property characteristics affect the pricing.

This is also a tricky question but yes, if you decide to purchase trees, plants, bark, edging, drain tile, etc. yourself and install them yourself, you will spend less cash.  However, we feel strongly that with lost time, the potential for mistakes and lack of warranty on products that the long term cost will be more.

Our landscape teams generally install in 2-5 days, but we can’t get any project in our schedule until we receive 50% down payment and depending on the time of year our schedule fills up pretty quick.