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We take pride in our landscape designs, combining natural beauty with function and sustainability. Our dedicated professionals will work with you to create the outdoor space you want by combining natural beauty & visual harmony with function & sustainability that will enhance the value of your home.



We love shaping land, commonly known as landscaping. Installing trees & shrubs, creating contours, adding stone, bark, edging and other products that give your home the curb appeal you’re looking for is our passion.



We will often add patios, walls, fire pits, seating walls, columns, natural stone retaining walls and other “hard” installed products to your project. These features can add functionality, a great look or serve the need for your property to drain properly.



Adding the proper amount of water to your lawn is critical for preserving its health, lushness and beauty. DeHamer Brothers offers installation of irrigation systems tailored to your property and our climate that help to maintain, enhance and preserve your landscaping investment.


Grass Installation

DeHamer Brothers offers you 2 options for installing your grass, Hydroseed and Sod. Hydroseed is the most cost effective and is a technique of spraying liquid seed, an adhesion product, mulch and fertilizer on bare ground to hold soil in place while awaiting germination of grass.  Sod is literally sheets of grass that are installed in your yard like tile and with proper water and care becomes a lush lawn.


Garden Center

This is how we started over 40 years ago and our 5 acre garden center still sets us apart. The garden center is a self-service resource for all our customers big and small and serves our landscape customers by ensuring quality, availability and best price on trees and green products from sources local to nationwide.